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We Offer RF Financing for the Following:
Multifamily Apartment Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Business but must own Its Real Estate or with a Real Estate Collateral, Schools & Places of Worship. ALL BUSINESS MUST HAVE AT LEAST 3-Year of Successful hands-on Operating Records.
PRELIMINARY DOCUMENTS – When we Receive the Documents we shall call to Conduct an Interview with You
  1. Owner (s) of The Business (For Each of the Co-Owners)
    1. Financial Statement & Application Link: APPLYFinger Click
      Please attach your own personal financial statement, and complete pg. 1 to pg. 6 of the application.
    2. Statement of Personal History– Please complete Link: APPLYFinger Click
    3. Three Years Signed Personal Tax Return (include all schedules) – Upon receipt, we will let you know which business tax returns that we need for review.
    4. Latest W-2, Schedule K-1, etc. if applicable/available
    5. Personal Bank Statement for the latest Period and the previous period and/or Brokerage Account Statement (include all pages)
  2. Business Property
    1. Signed Lease Agreement
    2. Phase I Environmental Report and Appraisal – We Shall Order them after we Interview you.
    3. Purchase Agreement when available.
  3. Business Entity (if you plan to purchase under one of your companies)
    1. Business Loan Application – Please complete the Link APPLYFinger Click
    2. Three Year Business Tax Return (include all schedules)
    3. Latest Year Year-End Business Financial Statement (Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss Statement) – If Latest Year tax return is not available, please provide a copy of latest financials instead.
    4. End of the Year and Beginning of the New Year Business Bank Statement (include all pages)