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About Us CA Pic

Bank of Whittier began Its operation at its present location in Whittier California on December 20, 1982. In July 2011 Bank of Whittier expanded its unique brand of RF (Riba-Free) services by opening a second branch in the city of Richardson, Texas to serve the Dallas Fort Worth area.

We DO NOT RENT MONEY At The Bank Of Whittier. We INVEST our time and experience in You, Your Family & Your Business.

We are Riba Free.

The Bank Of Whittier Is:

  • The Only True Community Commercial Bank Headquartered Within The City Of Whittier. We Are Committed To Reinvesting Deposited Funds Back Into Both Our Whittier, CA and Richardson, TX Communities To Generate Local Economic Prosperity And Job Opportunities.

  • Local. This Makes Banking Both More Convenient and Effective For Its Clients.

  • A Socially Responsible Bank. To the Best of Our Abilities We Strive Not Finance Businesses Dealing In Alcoholic Beverage Sales or Production, Gambling, Speculation Or Un-Ethical Or Environmentally Damaging Activities.

  • A True Private Bank That Serves You On A Personal Basis From Sitting Down At The Teller Station To Conducting Your Business With Your Own Experienced And Highly Educated Private Banker.

  • Committed To Invest Time, Experience And Financial Wisdom In You, Your Family And Your Business Before We Invest Our Money.

  • Prompt In Responding To Your Credit Needs. Your Application Is Processed, Analyzed And Decided Upon Right here At The Bank of Whittier.

  • A Firm Believer In Supporting Of The Local Community Members And Businesses. We Strive To Buy Products And Services From Businesses In The Community.