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Business Banking - Business Money Market Limited Checking

Designed for Higher Daily Available Balances, with High Rates on Tiered Balances, used for Reserve Funds to Cover Unusual Cash Needs.
The Account Offers Unlimited Transfers & Withdrawals Made in Person, Mail, Messenger, or ATM.
You May Make Six (6) Transfers or Withdrawals per Statement Cycle, But No More Than Three (3) by Check, Draft, Point of Sale Debit Similar Order.
You must maintain the minimum daily available balance in each tier to obtain the "Annual Percentage Yield" (APY) disclosed.

Account Information:
Minimum Opening Deposit
Monthly average available balance to avoid monthly maintenance and per item charges
Minimum daily available balance required to obtain minimum interest rate*
Monthly Maintenance Charge
Per debit charge exceeding six (6) third party withdrawals

Please contact Private Bankers for more information

Note: All interest rates are set at our sole discretion and are subject to change without notice. No interest is earned when the account balance is below the minimum daily available balance.For a complete list of fees associated with this type of account please refer to the Account Agreement & Disclosure.