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A Message From Our Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Thank you for visiting our site. Please consider joining our family! We shall all be honored.

We at the Bank of Whittier aspire to cultivate a bigger and more prosperous family, the Family of the Bank of Whittier. Please contact us at 562-945-7553 extension 117, 123, or 120 in order to speak with one of our Private Bankers, our Vice President or me.


We believe that our role as your trusted community bank is NOT to RENT money at a rental price called “income rate.” We are in business to invest our time, our experience and financial wisdom in you before we invest our money; the community’s money. Our aim is to see you and your business grow and flourish. This will create job opportunities and prosperity into our community. Your success, growth and profitability are our prime passion. Our Credit Analysts are highly qualified and sophisticated financial analysts who are interested in making sure that your business assumptions are well thought out and that your financing needs are well covered.


We screen our financing facilities in order to make sure that the Bank’s money; which is the community’s money, is circulated back in our communities and is invested in projects and purposes that are socially responsible.

We, at Your Bank of Whittier, believe that relationships that are built on how much money people deposit in the bank are short-lived and are usually not productive. On the other hand relationships that are developed and built on mutual respect, thorough knowledge of each other, and keen income in each other’s family members and needs are relationships that would last for life.

We want to discuss together your dreams and articulate your goals. We want to share with you strategies to plan for:

  • A Comfortable Retirement.
  • The Chosen Education for Your Children and/or Grandchildren.
  • The Transfer of Your Properties, Assets and Estate to Your Children, Grandchildren and Future Generations.
  • The Financing of Your Needs of a Car, a Home, an Investment Property, a Computer or a Business.

Please call us at the Bank of Whittier in order to inquire about our services and to give us the honor of having you as a member of the Bank of Whittier Family.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Dr. Yahia A. Rahman
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer



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