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Bank of Whittier - Careers

Business Development Manager

Must be a US citizen or green card holder

This is one of the most important positions in any business that is still in its developmental stages. As the name suggests a Business Development Executive cultivates opportunities for the development of the business and plans strategies to target potential clients and customers. Organizations which are new and need to create goodwill in the market have to employ talented and young business development executives.

Job Responsibilities:

Builds market position by Identifying and locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and energetically help management in closing business relationships. Business Development Executives are the pioneers in development of the business; therefore, they need to upgrade themselves regularly with current industry trends and maintain good relations with potential business entrepreneurs. They are always required to correspond with the senior managers and business leads of the clients. Hence, having a charming and impressive personality will also make a contribution to these officials. We shall provide basic Banking Training for the successful candidate if needed.

Bank Business involves two main lines:

1. Providing Financing (Lending)

(Loans) to the community in the fields of: Car financing & Refinancing, Home Mortgages financing and Refinancing, Business Financing (like Bagel shops, KFC Stores, Ice Cream Stores – We require at least 3 years hands on experience and a hard asset collateralization), Commercial Buildings (prefer owner-occupied), Centers of Worship (of all Faiths), Private Schools (both religious for all faiths and non-denominational.) We do not finance Student Loans. We have a Lot of Liquidity to Lend out. We can serve all states but with focus on Southern California – we need to expand Northern California – and on the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area – We want to Expand Houston and San Antonio.

2. Deposits:

2.1. Checking Accounts – Two Types:
a. Demand Deposit Current Accounts and
b. Income Generating Accounts (Money Market Accounts.) No Frills. We Offer NO FEES in Most Cases or lower Fees. We serve mostly families and family members and some commercial and businesses. We want to expand the Depository Services.
2.2. Investment – CD – Accounts at Competitive Rates